Jack Vs Mark Litchfield at Rowrah

Back in December, Jack spent a full day testing at Rowrah with championship winning karter Mark Lichfield.
Mark has been a mentor to Jack throughout his junior career, helping him to improve his performance and get the most out of his talent as a driver.

We’d planned the testing as part of Jack’s preparation for the 2017 SuperOne season where Jack will be taking part in all rounds including Rowrah and PFI.  The main goal of the session was to help familiarise Jack with the performance of the Super One spec kart in challenging winter conditions, and also to give him a strong benchmark for his times against the experienced 5-time British Champion Litchfield.

Over the course of the day, Jack and Mark took it in turns to drive around the tight circuit swapping fastest times as they tuned the kart to the conditions.

So, how did they do?

Here’s a GoPro recording of their fastest laps around Rowrah, showing how they approached the challenging circuit on a cold day: