GYG easykart last round

We had to reframe late on Saturday, bent kart. The series is great, we got the (spare) kart and engine and could still compete at the front.

Warm up B group – fastest
Qualifying 3rd
Heat A 2nd
Pre final 3rd
Final 3rd

More progress and strong foundation for next year!

Whilton Mill Double Header Easykart

Warm weather at Whilton. Fast Friday, although pace then was a struggle (Turns out to be a bent frame). Ok weekend in hindsight with an Achilles heel. Our fault for just rocking up!
Rd 6 – None finish. Going for 3rd and a crash
Rd 7 – 6th. Kart was not good for more.

Easykart Forest Edge 2012

We headed south to another track we had not seen before. Practice went o.k. and we looked quick in the wet. Sunday was dry and it was back to square one and learning the track. Good pace at times, but the spanner men were learning the kart and did not have it 100%.

A lost chain in the pre final whilst 4th, put us on the last row of the grid on 30+ karts. Jack had a go and got to 13th, not bad, but could of been very different. A result does not seem far away, when Jack and the team put togeather. Pace good.

Easykart 2012 Llandow – Jack’s bumper departs whilst on the front foot

A new kart, new class and a track we had never seen before. As soon as Jack turned 12 we entered our first Easykart race at Llandow. A wet saturday, saw good pace with the front runners. Saturday was dry and he had to learn the track on the fly. 2nd in qualifying was a good start, 4th in the first 11th in the pre final, after getting knocked down to below 20th and fighting back. 11th on the grid for the final, strong opening lap and whilst fighting his way to 5th, he then looked to get right near the front and lost his nose cone, whilst going forward. Mechanical flag and an early Burger king! Overall strong pace and arrived with a bang, unlucky not to get a result. Best fun in ages karting wise and cheap…..for karting! We will still do some Rotax with RL and Easykart. Variety and all that!