Jack Leese

Aged 16, Jack is currently combining a successful racing career in karting with study on the AASE course for elite young drivers at Loughborough College in conjunction with the MSA. His goal is to race in the WRC, targeting a professional drive from 2022.

Getting Started

Jack began in Cadet karts at the age of 7 and he won a number of novice races during his first season.
After moving up to national level in Super 1, Jack’s competitive nature and instinctive racing saw him achieve top 5 finishes against more experienced racers. Jacks first major success in racing was winning the driver of the day championship at Formula Kart Stars. After battling through a tight field, Jack won the prize. As reward for his performance, Jack was Bernie Ecclestone’s guest at the 2010 British Grand Prix where he spent the day with many F1 stars including the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Moving On

Following early success, Jack moved through the junior ranks with success in Mini-Max, easykart and Junior Rotax with races and wins across the UK and Europe.
2017 will include x30 senior karting to keep Jacks competitive edge sharp, whilst waiting to do senior rallying when he turns 17 in May 2017.

Other Categories

Since his early success in karts, Jack’s focus has been on reaching the WRC. He started testing rally cars in 2013 to gain experience in different surfaces, and has subsequently completed multiple rally tests at Sweet Lamb and many other venues to prepare for competition, he is now waiting to turn 17 to formally compete.

Jack completed his BARS Rally Test at the age of 15, and was successful in his first competitive drive in RallyCross – winning the 2015 MSA British Junior Rally Grand Prix.

He is focused on rally driving as part of the AASE Course for elite drivers at Loughborough College.

Next Steps

To complement his studies at Loughborough College, Jack will be competing in multiple categories through 2017, with the goal of building further experience at senior level before focusing solely on Rallying from the 2018 season.

He will be undertaking a winter driving course at the prestigious John Haughland Rally School in Norway during January 2017 along with track testing at the Dubai Autodrome as preparation for the 2017 track season.