Wigan July

3rd Junior Rotax race and a 3rd place. An ok grid of 25 karts, Jack did 3rd, 3rd and 6th in the heats.  3rd in the final which was wet, was a good result and a podium. Well done Jack and Stuart.



PFI June

Jack’s second race in Junior. Was fast all weekend. A 5th and a heat win, showed the speed. Leading the final at one stage, and then some knocking and bashing and Jack giving as good as he got. An exclusion for Jack due to contact with another kart. A good weekend in a large grid.

Junior Rotax Wigan June

Our first race in Junior Rotax was Wigan. A mixed day and just getting our heads round the kit, resulted in a 6th in the Final. Not bad and some equipment revisions should see a step forward as the driving looks good.

Update 2013

So far we have done one race. Easy kart Whilton Mill. Qualified 2nd. Set times at the right end of the sheet in the heats.

Came off in the final whilst third…Finished 7th after dropping to 18th and overtaking 11 karts in 4 laps.

Then Jack broke his thumb in testing and will be out for 6 – 8 weeks. Thus, sadly an early exit from Easykart, as we miss too many rounds whilst he recovers. That makes the championship not even a mathamatical possibility….Junior Rotax and a new chapter!